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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Scotland, Kinlochleven to Fort William – Day 8

April 19, 2022 At least a dozen locals had gathered at the bus stop, waiting for the 8:30 to Fort William. One elderly gentleman, with a runny nose, repeatedly pulled a worn, stained slip of paper from his pocket, checking his grocery list. It was a lovely ride to...

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Scotland, Ballachulish to Kinlochleven- Day 7

The Ballachulish Hotel was so comfortable and scenic. The staff there so lovely and gracious. It was hard to say goodbye. Another personable cabbie took me an hour’s drive to the town of Kinlochleven, along Loch Leven. This man was a former school bus driver with...

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Scotland, Tyndrum to Ballachulish – Day 6

  Thrilled to have flexible feet this morning! The boots fit, and my heels moved; let’s walk! I rushed to repack, lightening my day pack, as it seemed like the time to re-join the trail. My plan was to have the cab driver drop me at Bridge of Orchy and walk from...

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Scotland, Drovers Inn to Tyndrum – Day 4

  Happily, the crackling in my heels was less this morning and my feet had more flexibility. They fit comfortably in my running shoes. Things were looking up. The company I booked with told me to take the number 44 bus from the Drovers Inn stop to Tyndrum, my...

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