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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Horse Heaven Hills AVA

    Horse Heaven Hills AVA Wow, there is a whole lot of space in the Horse Heaven Hills.  I must admit I was somewhat stunned by the immense openness.  Since Milly, the dog, was sound asleep in the front seat, I felt, at times, like the last person on earth....

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LeClair, Iowa

        LeClair, Iowa has been a vibrant, go-to town since 1834 and shows no sign of ending that trend. Even on a cold, drizzly mid-week day in March, LeClaire was bustling with locals and day-trippers out for a good time. The Mississippi River has...

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To A Man I Never Knew

This is a story I wrote in honor of my mother, Dorothy Byrne, who served as a nurse on the USS Arcadia. And, in honor of one special patient.     It was a perfect September afternoon in Iowa.  A gentle breeze was helping large puffy cotton ball-like clouds make...

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“Shhhh. Cut the light,” Jeb Grady whispered sharply to his brother, Donnie. “Lights coming.” Donnie dropped his leather jacket and shut off the flashlight in an instant. Jeb flattened behind the hedge on his stomach, peering out under the bottom leaves; Donnie rolled...

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Brian Jordaan and Eliana Wines

Brian Jordaan Only in the darkness can you see the stars ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Eliana, a Roman/Greek word interpreted as “the Lord has responded” is the perfect name for a small three acre vineyard clinging to a hill east of Ashland, OR. Brian Jordaan, who leases...

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